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Learn Norani Qaida


Al Qaida serves as an introductory booklet for learning the basic intonation of the Holy Quran, enabling students to read fluently without knowing the rules of Tajweed. Many scholars in India and Pakistan follow this method. At Ashrafia Quran Academy, we have developed Al-Quran Al-Qaida recitation, similar to Noorani Al-Qaida, but with a technological touch, making it interactive and appealing for both kids and adults.

Our online institute, Ashrafia Quran Academy, has been teaching this established etiquette for a long time. Learning Noorani Qaida online is effortless, allowing children and adults to recite the Quran fluently at their own pace. This course starts with alphabet formation and pronunciation, progressing to vocabulary and verse formation, equipping students with the skills to read the Quran independently. This classic method is widely practiced in mosques across Arab and non-Arab countries, and it owes its creation to Moulvi Noor Muhammad Ludhianvi, a renowned Indian scholar. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey of Quranic recitation with us.

Basic Quran Reading

Ashrafia Quran Academy offers this course specifically for young children who have no prior knowledge of Quranic learning. With the expertise of our highly qualified and skilled teachers at Ashrafia Quran Academy, we ensure that all students, especially young children, receive excellent guidance. This course is essential for introducing children to the words found in the Quran, setting them on a path of meaningful Quranic education from an early age.

Learn Quran With Tajweed

At Ashrafia Quran Academy, provides this course specifically for Tajweed learners. Tajweed is a term used to perfect the pronunciation of Arabic words and verses, ensuring the best way to read and recite the Quran. Becoming a Tajweed reciter elevates one's status, highlighting the significance of this course in refining Quranic recitation skills.

Online Quran Memorization


At Ashrafia Quran Academy, Quran Memorization stands as one of our top courses in Quranic learning. This unique and special course focuses on learning the Quran orally. Those who become Huffaz, mastering the memorization of the Holy book, are revered and respected for their accomplishment. Bright Quran Learning takes pride in preparing numerous Huffaz, fostering a community of individuals dedicated to preserving .

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Ashrafia Quran Academy offers a complimentary demo session for you to experience firsthand how we deliver exceptional teaching and support to our students. This feature sets Ashrafia Quran Academy apart as a prominent name in the international Quran teaching arena. Rest assured, the demo session is tailored to meet your expectations. Click the button below to avail your instant free demo session.

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