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How To Pray Namaz?

The namaz is the second of Islam’s five pillars. All Muslims who have reached puberty and the age of majority are required to conduct Namaz five times per day. When we are closest to Allah through the act of prostration, we have the opportunity to communicate with Him, remember Him, and give Him thanks. The gift of namaz, for which we will all be held responsible on the Day of Judgment, is given to every believer.

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Namaz is not just meant to be a mandatory practice. The first and continuing proof of the believer’s obedience to Allah is what matters. It acts as a spiritual ritual, a means of self-purification, and a means of developing patience and fortitude. 

Instead of seeing namaz as a burden, a believer sees it as an opportunity to better himself and build a closer connection with his creator. Muslims offer prayers out of love and humility as a show of their devotion to Allah because they are dependant on him.

Namaz – Learn Namaz How To Pray Salat Right Way With Positions

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Salah and kalmas

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