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Learn Quran With Tajweed From Online Quran Tutors. Get 3 Days Free Trial Classes
Learn Quran With Tajweed From Online Quran Tutors. Get 3 Days Free Trial Classes

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Ashrafia Quran Academy

Ashrafia Quran Academy is an esteemed and up-to-date institute dedicated to the teachings of the Holy Quran. With a remarkable track record of six years, we have been consistently imparting the divine knowledge of Allah’s book to Muslims of all ages and genders. Ashrafia Quran Academy proudly serves individuals from around the world who are enthusiastic to learn and embrace this sacred knowledge.

Why Ashrafia Quran Academy Chose?

No Language Barrier

Ashrafia Quran Academy has employed numerous highly experienced teachers with significant multilingual expertise. This ensures that there are no language-related excuses or barriers in the learning process.

Male and Female Teachers

Ashrafia Quran Academy has dedicated teachers for both girls and boys, making Ashrafia Quran Academy stand out. This approach has contributed significantly to the success that Ashrafia Quran Academy has achieved.

Playback Support

Ashrafia Quran Academy offers various unique features aimed at enhancing student comfort and convenience. One such feature is the playback support, which proves to be highly beneficial for every student in need of it.

Live Supervision

The Ashrafia Quran Academy possesses another crucial feature that is indispensable for operating a distinguished learning and teaching institute. As a result, the academy's officials consistently monitor the live classes.

Free Demo class

Ashrafia Quran Academy provides complimentary demo classes to all newcomers. These sessions allow them to experience our updated and distinctive system, fostering a willingness to enroll in our courses in the future.

24/7 availbility

Ashrafia Quran Academy is renowned worldwide for its continuous availability, with no fixed closing timing. It remains open at all times, and individuals from any part of the world can easily reach out to us.

Advantages of learning Holy Quran

Learning the Holy Quran offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it enhances spiritual growth by deepening one’s connection with Allah and understanding His guidance. Secondly, it provides moral and ethical teachings, promoting kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others. Thirdly, it instills discipline and patience through the memorization and recitation process. Fourthly, it improves linguistic skills, as the Quran’s eloquent Arabic is a linguistic marvel. Fifthly, it imparts wisdom and knowledge about various aspects of life. Lastly, it grants tranquility and peace to the heart, serving as a source of solace during challenging times. Overall, studying the Holy Quran enriches one’s life spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Our Courses

Learn Noorani Qaida

Ashrafia Quran Academy initiates the teaching of the Holy Quran with its fundamental knowledge known as Noorani Qaida.

Learn Quran Memorization

Ashrafia Quran Academy leads to achieving the status of a Hafiz. A Hafiz is someone who memorizes the entire Quran within a minimum time period.

Quranic info

Holy Quran has many informations to learn and these information are essential for every muslim so that he/she can increase his/her knowledge about Quran. This knowledge is not hard to learn. Shaha Islamic Center’s suggestion is that every muslim should learn it. 

Term Count

Total Para's

Total Surah's

Total Verses

Total Digits

30 Para's

114 Surah's

6666 Verses

Partial Count




Why Quran is vital?

The Quran, the holy book of Islam, holds immense significance in the lives of Muslims worldwide. It is a timeless and divine scripture believed to be the literal word of God, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Quran serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals, providing moral, spiritual, and practical guidance for every aspect of life. Its verses inspire self-reflection, instill compassion, and promote righteousness. Quranic teachings foster unity, love, and tolerance among believers, emphasizing the value of knowledge, justice, and mercy. Recitation of the Quran brings inner peace and strengthens the relationship with the Creator. As a source of wisdom and comfort, the Quran remains an indispensable source of spiritual nourishment for millions, shaping their beliefs, actions, and character.

learn Holy Quran with in 3 Steps

Enroll for Free Demo

Ashrafia Quran Academy offers the option of enrolling in a free demo class, allowing individuals to experience our learning and teaching system firsthand.

Wait for Your Turn

After enrolling in a free demo class, you will need to wait for a short while until it's your turn. The waiting period typically ranges from a few hours to a maximum of one day.

Enjoy Your Class

Once you have successfully enrolled and proceed, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your first class at Ashrafia Quran Academy.

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Specialist hadiths and jurisprudence issues


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What do people say about Ashrafia Quran Academy?

Ashrafia Quran Academy exceeded my expectations! Their experienced teachers and unique learning features provided an excellent experience. The dedication to separate classes for girls and boys made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend it for Quranic education.
Touqeer Ali
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